Monday, August 17, 2009

Preschool Teaching Ideas - Flip That Plate

The beginning of a new school year presents special situations for the teachers as well as the preschoolers. One of my essential preschool teaching ideas is to learn the names of the children as quickly as possible. Secondly provide helpful ways to teach the children the names of their classmates.

Try this game that was sent to me recently for learning names. This game teaches name recognition, memory skills, letter recognition and many more.

You can modify this game in many ways to suit your situation and the ages of the children attending your preschool.

Flip That Plate

At the beginning of the year I write everyone's first name on a paper plate. For the first week, I hold the plates and hold one up at a time and ask the child whose name it is to tell me. This helps them recognize their own name. After I feel the kids can recognize their own name, we sit on the floor in our circle, I give everyone a plate face down and say "Don't touch that plate!"

I then call on my preschoolers one at a time to "Flip that Plate!!" they tell me whose name is on the plate. This helped everyone at the beginning of the year to learn names.
Later in the year I put last names on the plates and repeated the process. I also ask the kids to spell the names pointing to each letter as they spell.

My students love to play this game.

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