Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Preschool Cooking Activity - Dairy Free Ice Cream

My preschoolers are as excited about the holidays as adults. They want to celebrate and get into the festivities so I though a preschool cooking activity is ideal.

You may be hosting a classroom party or small get together for the children and their parents so I suggest serving something that the children helped to prepare.

One of my readers sent this excellent recipe to share. If you have children with severe dairy allergies,try this recipe for creamy popsicles and our dairy free ice cream.

Dairy Free Ice Cream Popsicles
Fruits that are available
Coconut Milk

Have the children cut up fruits, such as Peaches, and Bananas. Freeze them in small slices. When frozen put them in the blender with an amount of coconut milk just to cover the frozen fruit and blend. Add small amounts of coconut milk as needed to
allow for blending and you'll have a delicious soft serve ice cream.

Very delicious, healthy, non fat and dairy allergy free. Honey can be used as sweetener if necessary.

Fresh fruits, bananas are always a good thickener, and juice or coconut milk to help blend, honey if necessary, put into popsicle molds and the kids love them, because there is no sugar or icky ingredients, I can use them often.

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