Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Preschool Halloween Crafts

Halloween is next week and the count down is on!

I do believe that this holiday is getting more and more popular every year and the excitement is mounting.

Preschoolers love it and get a little scared too... I try to keep the "scary" part to a minimum but add lots of fun to the event.

I want to share a few last minute craft ideas and snack suggestions that should be a hit with your preschoolers.

These come courtesy of one of my moms, Carol, who volunteered last week with these great, easy ideas.


Need: White foam trays or foam core
Black marker
Black yarn
Hole punch

Trace out a ghost shape. We made a couple of templates from cardboard so that the children could trace around them. It was a "buddy" effort where one child traced and the other held the template still. Cut out the shape. This is a good fine motor lesson and it doesn't matter if the edges are scraggly..that makes it more ghostly!

Then punch out two holes at the top for his eyes or use the black marker to draw the eyes. Next punch out one hole at the top center and also at bottom center. Tie one of the bells on a string and tie it through the bottom of the ghost for the noise effect and use the other string to attach the ghost to the ceiling to move in the breeze.


Construction Paper
Black Paint
Googly eyes

This is a quick and immediately successful activity for all ages. It can be messy so be sure to have a helper around to wash off hands.

Paint your student's palm and 4 fingers with the black paint. Be sure you don't paint the thumb. Have them press their handprint on the paper with their fingers pointing out to the side. Next paint the other hand and place it on top of the other print but with the fingers going out to the other side.

Voila! You have a spider print from their hands. Add the googly eyes and make a Spider Wall or bulleting board.


Cutout Sandwiches
Make some sandwiches--Cheese sandwiches, peanut butter(if no allergies), tuna or just bread and butter...whatever your kids like. Use large Halloween Cookie cutters--ghost, large dog bone, pumpkin, ghost etc and cut out the sandwiches.

Bones were the biggest hit for snack time with my class.

Marshmallow Pops

Large marshmallows, green or orange candy melts, icing gel, lollipop sticks.

Stick a lollipop stick into each marshmallow. Place them in the freezer to harden for about 15-30 minutes. Use your microwave or stove to melt the candy. Dip the frozen marshmallows into the melted candy and set on waxed paper or parchment paper to dry. Once they harden, add eyes, and mouth if you want, to the hardened lollipops and enjoy!

Kids love them and they made them.

Happy Halloween to all.


P.S. If you like these ideas Check out my Preschool Lesson Plans here:

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Preschool Activities for Fall

Hello again!

Are you looking some for fun preschool activities for fall?

I have two to share with you today that are so simple and so much fun.

Your preschoolers will love these!

First in order is to go outside for a "Collection Walk".
If you have a large group you may want to break them into groups--some will collect pretty fall leaves, others will want to look for pine cones, acorns, tree bark, stones,etc (fall like nature objects).

If the weather isn't cooperating, you can draw leaves on construction paper and cut them out or ask your kids to cut them out.
(These don't have to be exact so it is a good fine motor activity as well.)

Now for the fun...

Leaf Toss
Take a sheet, or a small parachute if you have one, and put the leaves in the middle.
Gather your class around the sheet and SLOWLY lift the sheet and then drop it QUICKLY to watch the leaves fall. This can go on for awhile because it takes them a few times to understand how to make them fall gently!

This is an activity that can be used for all seasons--just change the leaves to snowflakes, blossoms, flower petals, etc.

Sensory Box

You will need a large box that you can cut a hole in that your kids can put their hand in but small enough so that they can't see in.

Take your fall nature finds and put them in the box. I like to add a few extra surprises to the box that they didn't collect such as an apple, pear, baseball.
Have them sit in a circle and take turns reaching into the box and see if they can describe what they feel and can they guess what it is.

Hope you enjoy these as much as we have!


If you like these ideas, check out my Preschool Lesson Plans:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Preschool Lesson Plans on Comparing

Hi there,

I hope you are enjoying this fall season as much as we are.

Here are a few of the many activities we've been doing this month that have been so much fun.

The children love challenges to give them the opportunity to show how much they can do and know. These activities provide that possibility to shine!

Matching Games

Leaf Match

For all ages 3-5
1. Cut out leaf shapes from different colors of paper. Give each
child one leaf. Ask the children to find one person with the same
color leaf.
2. Place matching leaf stickers on separate index cards. Give each
child a card and ask them to find the child with their match.

To add challenge:
3. Cut out leaf shapes from different colors of paper. Cut the leaves in half using a puzzle type cut, like zig zag or interlocking pieces. Give each child one half of a leaf, and ask them to find the person with the other half.

You can experiment with these matching and comparing ideas and increase the level of difficulty depending on the ages and abilities of your class.

These are fun, encourage spatial concepts, color many areas of learning AND the children can move around to do it to use some energy!

Enjoy and come back to visit for more ideas.

P.S. If you like this idea check out my Preschool Lesson Plans:

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Preschool Lesson Plans on Comparing

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