Monday, July 23, 2012

Transition Time Ideas for Preschool

With fall just a few weeks away and the beginning of a new school year,
I've started thinking about my new preschoolers and positive ways to help them transition in the classroom.

I love these transition time ideas for preschool sent in by one of my readers.

Transition to Circle Time
I had a class that was young and difficult to round up for circle. After ringing the clean-up bell and allowing clean-up time and singing time for circle, I would simply go to circle and start playing the instrument of the week.

I like to make circle inviting without having to "make" kids come to circle, but rather invite them with something intriguing enough that they want to come over.

I started with a Native American drum I inherited. I would play it and all the stragglers would come over. I then let each child have a turn playing it for a count of 3-10. The number depended on how many kids were there and how long I thought they could wait for everyone to have a turn.

I have also used Tibetan Bells and Bowls, keyboards, shakers and so on.

I also played my Native American flute, at times, to invite kids to circle. I did not pass that around due to germs, but they all were fascinated by the sound and settled right down.

The instruments became the cue that circle was starting and it was like a ceremony.

At other times I would start circle with a lively movement song from CD and turn up the volume a bit and move.

I hope this idea is one you can use in your classroom.  Positive ways to change activities are always welcome; thanks so much for sharing this!

If you're a teacher or parent of a preschoolers you may want to check out this link sent in by another reader:

Let me know how these ideas work for you.

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Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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