Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preschool Fall Activity - Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

I want to share this preschool fall activity because it is one that can be adapted for all countries at harvest time.

In the United States, the holiday of Thanksgiving is in November. It is a time for families and friends to get together and share a special meal and talk about what we are thankful for.

Our holiday meal is based on the fruits of the fall harvest. Special recipes are shared among friends and families.

To teach my preschoolers about some of the foods they may have at Thanksgiving dinner, I like to show them what it looks like at harvest time before it is prepared.

We often show baskets or cornucopias filled with these vegetables and fruits. My fun way of doing this is to have a Treasure Hunt. This time the treasure is the food!

Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

Pictures of fall harvest vegetables and fruits. (I cut some out of magazines and laminate them or cut them out of construction paper and laminate those as well.)

Plastic foods can also be used in place of the pictures if you have them available. (Check out the Dollar stores for these.)

Empty cornucopia which I find at craft stores. You can use a harvest basket instead.

Hide the pictures of the food or the plastic food around the room. Be sure to have doubles of everything you hide.

We start with a circle time where I show them what a cornucopia is and what foods are part of a typical fall harvest.

Send the kids on a Thanksgiving-themed treasure hunt to find all the foods they need to fill their cornucopia.

Divide the children into evenly numbered teams.
Give each team an empty cornucopia or basket.
Give each team a picture list of food items that you have hidden around the room that they must find.
The first team to find all of the items that they need to fill their cornucopia can help the other team find what they are missing.

My preschoolers never tire of treasure hunts. They are beginning to learn to work together in a spirit of cooperation.

I hope you like this preschool fall activity.

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