Thursday, August 2, 2007

Preschool Education--Calming Game

Hi There,

I couldn't wait to share this great idea that one of my readers, Ann, sent to me.
It is a game she calls--"Which is better?" and it can be used in preschool
education settings, bedtimes at home, anywhere you would like to
restore a sense of calm to your setting.

Which Is Better?
At night, or whenever we need to get a child to calm down and focus a bit,
we play "Which is Better?"

I usually do this one with my son to help him calm down enough to go to sleep.

Once I get him into bed and lights out, I'll ask questions like:
"Which are better, dinosaurs or lizards?", "cheerios or rice krispies",
"puppies or kittens?" "puzzles or games?" "crayons or markers?"
"bed or sleeping bag?" "playground or swimming pool?"
"beach or camping?" etc.

The possibilities are endless, and it REALLY works as a calming tool.
My 3-year-old could still be going strong at midnight, and this
gets him to sleep every time. He wants to play it in the car,
but I usually tell him we have to save this game for bedtime!

This works so well! I would love to hear how it works for you.

I love getting these suggestions so send me yours and I will share them here.

Have a great day--until next time!


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