Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Animal Themes for Preschool - Alligator Hop & Penguin Village

Preschoolers worldwide love animal themes for preschool activities. It is a way to draw upon their imagination while teaching and enjoying hands on learning--my favorite!

Try out these ideas that my readers have sent in recently. The Alligator hop is an excellent use of recycling materials to make a gross motor activity for even your youngest preschoolers. You can include counting, color recognition and any other concept you wish to include.

The penguin village is perfect for all of us who are snowbound this winter! Again, using what nature has provided to fill your water table, add toy penquins, buckets, and, oh yes--gloves and towels for cold hands! Again imagination is key and it is a hands on activity that can be used to teach a science lesson while having fun.

It can't get better than this!

Alligator Hop
I took a colored print out of an alligator and put it on heavy cardboard. Laminated. Made 8 of these. Then made 8 pictures of logs (or rocks). Idea is to jump log to log----so you don’t fall into the swamp----and get your foot eaten off by an alligator. I used this even for my 2-3 year olds in home childcare.
Great for gross motor skills!!!

Penguin Village
For our Penguin unit we fill the water table with buckets of snow from outside and then let the kids play with small plastic penguins and other Lego animals in the snow.
We have 3 or 4 pair of extra gloves available for cold hands and a towel:)

We talk about what happens to the snow after an hour or so and get a science lesson about different forms of water and why it melts etc.
They love the inside snow and letting the penguins slide down into the water!

If you like these animal themes for preschool, check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner.

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Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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