Thursday, August 20, 2009

Preschool Shapes - Today is Oval Day!

When you are planning your lesson to teach preschool shapes to your preschoolers, use the idea below to encourage interest, participation and excitement. It works like magic every time!

You can substitute any shape into the title for the shape you are discussing. Begin by building anticipation for tomorrow's lesson by telling them the name of the shape for the next day. As they learn more and more shapes, you can begin to hide the different shapes they have learned. Once they find a hidden shape, you can have them identify it also.

Today is Oval Day!

Try to get the kids excited by announcing that tomorrow is going to be "oval" day.

We have been learning about different shapes for 2 year olds. I cut them out and tape them to walls and windows and they hunt for them like an egg hunt. Then we sit down and decorate them - glitter paint, paint or colors. While doing this - we talk about the shape and also talk about the shapes that we have done earlier in the week. I also make "Shape" place matts for lunch or snack time. So it is "Oval Day" all day long.

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