Monday, November 26, 2007

December Lesson Plans Preschool


We are gearing up for December Lesson Plans--I have so many ideas to share with you that it is hard to know where to start!

Since it is cold where I live, I think of winter weather, snow, icicles and all the activities and crafts that are winter related. Here is an art project to get started with the season.

Igloos--What is inside?

This is an art project that not only provides fine motor skills but draws upon your kids' imaginations to think about what is inside an igloo. They always think about the outside and how it looks but get them to understand that they can actually be shelters and what they might find inside!

Light blue paper
White paper
Magazines, optional
Pencils, crayons

You will need to draw a template of an igloo shape that almost covers the entire page of the white paper (I use the paper horizontally so that I have plenty of room.) Cut out shapes of the igloo using the light blue paper so that it will stand out against the white paper. Cut out doors, like a barn door or double doors that will open.

Glue the blue igloo--edges only--to the white paper so that the doors will open.

Next have them draw the lines on the outside of the igloo in a pattern that they can do (age dependent here). This could be simple lines across and then down for the youngest to staggering brick patterns if your class is older.

Once that is finished, have them determine what they will find inside their igloo when they open the doors. They can cut out pictures from magazines, draw, cut out and glue shapes...whatever their imaginations create!

Then have them tell about their igloos at circle time!

One of my parents sent me this recipe she found online. I don't have the original source but it was a hit with class.

Easy Pumpkin Pudding
Materials and Ingredients:
1 cup vanilla pudding for each child
2 tsp. Libby's easy pumpkin pie mix per child
A bowl for each child
A spoon for each child
Description: Help young children measure and place one cup of vanilla pudding in their individual bowls. Next, measure out 2 tsp. pie mix with each child. Ask children to mix the vanilla pudding and the pie mix together for a seasonal and yummy treat.

I hope you enjoy these


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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for Preschool

I don't want to slight our friend the turkey at this time of year but I am always looking for fresh ideas for Thanksgiving.

Here are a couple of ideas that work together to give a little variety to our traditional arts and crafts.

Wooden Spoon People Thanksgiving

Wooden kitchen spoons, varying sizes
Felt scraps cut into shapes

Give each child a wooden spoon (I try to give them 3 if I can find a good price on them or ask for parents to donate them too)
Have your child glue yarn onto the top of the spoon to make hair and buttons to make the eyes.
They can draw a mouth and nose with markers.
Then use the felt scraps and glue them on for clothes.
Now you are set for the circle time activity below.

Dramatic Play at Circle Time

Have the children use their spoon families in circle time to talk about Thanksgiving.
They can pretend the Spoon family is their own and use them as puppets to talk about how their family will celebrate Thanksgiving. Ask them about the food that they will be eating and whether it is food they like or are willing to try.

Having each child have a turn to share their family traditions teaches your childrent that there are many ways to celebrate a holiday--not just the way their own family does it.

Let the imaginations and conversations lead your day with this activity.



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Monday, November 12, 2007

Tips for Preschool Teachers

Imagination is the key word in today's idea. What better place to use imagination than in Preschool where our children are the masters!

We have such an opportunity, and I believe duty, to provide the right environment for kids to tap into their imagination to design and build their play space in the classroom.

I like to clear an area in the classroom before everyone arrives. Then when the children arrive their interest is sparked by this VACANT space. Sometimes I put large Question Marks"?" on paper around the area.

We then hold a circle time meeting in that area. I have them close their eyes and tell them that can design the space to be whatever pretend environment they would like. (You can offer suggestions, such as "Play House", Post Office, Grocery Store, and believe it or not, a $1 Dollar Store. These stores are becoming so popular in the US that children love browsing through them.)

We all lie in a circle and stare up at the ceiling and decide what it will be and then where we will put the walls, counters, furniture..whatever the case may be. Let them help to tape out the area with masking tape and then to go throught the classroom to decide what could be useful in their new area.

Bring out your storage boxes which should include items they can use to set up the station. If it is a store, they will need shelves, items to sell, pretend money, cash register. If they are playing house, they will need kitchen items, sitting area, bed (use a nap cot for this).

I'm sure you get the idea but the best part is to let them make most of the decisions. If you feel it is questionable, use this time to get them to explain their idea and why they think it is a good one.

THEN....let the imaginative play begin. This is an activity that can stay up for days so that all of the children get a chance to have their turns to interact with each other and to try different roles...shopper, store owner, parent, child, etc.

This needs a good half hour for them to be able to truly enjoy the experience.

Imagination and self expression is such an important part of preschool. Allow the play and role playing to teach them about their world.

Have fun and enjoy the moments.

Until later,


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