Sunday, December 12, 2010

Preschool Play Based Learning - Reading, Imagination, Counting

As you know my primary philosophy of teaching preschool is to use preschool play based learning. That is how children learn and really understand what we are teaching them.

Here is an idea that was sent to me recently that uses this concept perfectly, even better, the kids loved it! You use the story to teach reasoning, counting, rhyming and imaginative play.

Reading Time
We read the story entitled, GOLDILOCKS HAS CHICKEN POX. The story was a hit! It was one of those that the children wanted to "read again and again" so we read it for 3 days and focused on different aspects each time (rhyming words, reading for pleasure, comprehension).

Next, we decided to get large pieces of bulletin board paper (white) to trace the their bodies on. I put the paper on a rectangular table in the room and told them it was like playing doctor. They were imagining that they had chicken pox as I traced around them, 1 at a time.

After I traced each child's body in pencil, I let them work on the floor with it any way they wanted with markers, crayons, glue, and other art materials. Many of them drew chicken pox on their bodies and counted them (math).

This is a great example of open ended, child centered, process learning! We hung their "bodies" around in the room and in our hall way. They also traced one me and worked together to decorate it. Much Fun!

I tried this with my class and the reaction was the same. Teach your preschoolers while letting them experience the concepts and, most of all have fun.

If you like this idea for preschool play based learning, check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner a try.


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