Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preschool Earth Day Lesson - Garden Soil Friends

Friday, April 22nd, is Earth Day and I feel quite strongly about teaching my
preschoolers about it. Try the preschool earth day lesson below that one of my readers sent in.

This is a topic that you can teach in so many ways and of course, HANDS ON, is my favorite way to teach.

So many of my readers feel the same way and have sent me wonderful ideas on how they teach about Earth Day. Try the idea below. So simple and meaningful. Your preschoolers will love it and learn about how the soil becomes so soft and rich for planting a summer garden or flowers.

Garden Soil Friends
On Earth day/week,we studied worms first.

Our hands on learning experience consisted of briging in a pile of organic garden soil, from my garden, squirt it with water, and we waited for the worms to crawl out.

We touched them, smelled them, we could see them, listened to them, it was great!!

Each child took a bag of dirt home, named their wormie, and gave it a new home in their back yard.

It was magical to watch the children go from "ewe to wow". I want one, I want to hold one, can I take one home?

If you like this preschool earth day lesson, check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner.

There are Two Editions now for the Preschool Planner: Basic or Platinum.

Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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1 comment:

meacham said...

Love the ideas.
I found a science Idea but I can't remember where I found it.
It was using to plants: one is watered with acid rain (vinager and water) and the other one was water with water.
Water every 4 days for two weeks.
I had the children draw the plant the first day and then the last day.
They loved this activite