Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Earth Day Preschool Theme - WHY IS EARTH DAY IMPORTANT

April is the month for Earth Day Preschool theme ideas.
It is never too soon to teach our children about Earth Day and how
important it is.

Preschoolers love learning about their environment and what better
time to teach them how to preserve it and take care of it.

Here is one idea I use to teach about pollution. It is my hands on
approach to teaching and quite effective.


To teach my preschool class about pollution,
I asked each child to bring in a piece of recyclable garbage.

At circle time, I had prepared an imaginary pond filled
with paper fish. We sat around my pretend pond while I
told them a story about how the fish live in the pond
surrounded by the beautiful woods and how happy
they are to live in such a wonderful pond.

Then I explained that as people visited the area for picnics,
they begin to throw their trash into the water. I let
each child put their piece of trash in the pond and
they have to remove a fish. I let each child do this,
one at a time. As more trash goes in, the fish of course
have to come out. Soon the pond is full of garbage and
the fish are gone. How sad for the fish and the pond.

Next we all help clean up the pond by removing the garbage
and placing it into appropriate recycling containers which
I have made ahead of time by taping commonly recycled items
(newspaper, glass bottle, plastic container) to the outside
of a paper bag.

My preschoolers truly got the message of how important
it was to have the pond clean and the fish can come back to live!

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Beautiful Day said...

Brilliant idea! I'll be using this next term in our Caring for our World unit of study. Thanks!