Thursday, September 24, 2009

Toddler Preschool - Hands On Play

If you're classroom includes toddler preschool age children, it is important to remain aware of developmental expectations of two year olds.

Your two year olds experience play and activities much differently than your three and four year olds. If you keep the following tips in mind you will provide the best learning environment for your toddler preschoolers.

Hands-on experiences are the best kind of play. They learn much quicker than if they are told or “talked to”.

**This is also an excellent reason why it is better to not do worksheets at this age.

Toddlers need to have playmates around. Even though they may not play with another person at this age, they are always paying attention to what is going on around them and what their peers are doing.

Their emotions are close to the surface. Think of them as a light switch—one minute they might be happy and suddenly they are sad; they can go from calm to agitated in a second. Your best approach is to stay calm yourself and be patient.

Activities, projects, and play time allow us as teachers and caregivers to share valuable time together in a meaningful way. We can observe how they are learning and where we can enhance their opportunities.

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