Friday, October 3, 2008

Preschool Curriculum Activities - Fine Motor Skills Activity

Special thanks to Deanna, one of my readers, who sent me one of her favorite preschool curriculum activities.

I find that this age group loves any lesson or activity that involves using
their hands or bodies and mastering their abilities to do things themselves.
Deanna has tapped into this and come up with a delightful and effective way
to help them with fine motor skills and counting. How great is that!

Fine Motor Skills Activity

From Deanna…I like to do a lot of fine motor style activities with my three and four year olds....of course, you can incorporate many skills along the way as you do
so. When doing a unit on Farm Animals, I give the kids various large prints of farms animals (depending upon which animal we are working on that day),
and then they "cover" their animal with objects, by first counting out 10
objects to use, and then making that same amount of 'dots' of glue in
different spots on the animals body. They then proceed to place the object
upon the glue.

For example, for the Sheep....we use "cotton balls" to cover the
body....therefore counting to ten several different times. (for four year
olds, 20 is more challenging); for the Horse...we use brown construction
paper, and make the activity into a "tearing" project; for the Pig...we use
our thumbs dipped in pink paint to push and press to make thumb prints to
cover the body, again counting along the way; for the Cow...the three year
olds work on cutting out pre-drawn circles, and then gluing then onto the
cows body, but for the four year olds, they are cutting out their own version
of circle to glue to the cows body; and for the Chicken...we use "feathers"
and get to count and glue again.

The children always love to use their hands in projects, so they have
always appeared to love this!

If you have ideas to share, send them along and I'll post them here for all
of us to use and enjoy.



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