Friday, October 24, 2008

Halloween Crafts for Preschool

Happy Halloween to you all!

Are you looking for Halloween crafts for preschool? Here is an idea for a preschool craft that I have used over the years that are easy to do even for your younger ones and all ages enjoy making them!

I've included a preschool sorting activity as well which readily engages their interest. You can have them look for Halloween related pictures in magazines, coupon advertisements, etc. They can cut or tear them out depending on ability and use these for the sorting material.

Individual: Gobbly Ghosts

Give students a small square of white fabric and a small baggie with beans in it. Students should collect all the beans in one small corner of the baggie and cover the baggie with the white fabric. The beans will become the ghost’s head and the rest of the fabric should hang down like its body. Use ribbon to tie around the ghost’s head. Then, decorate its face with either markers or glue on googly eyes from the craft store.

Sorting Skills
Have the class gather around and lay out different pictures or items associated with Halloween, such as ghosts, mummies, pumpkins, black cats, and witches. Ask students to arrange the items in different piles, putting all the similar items together. Your items can look slightly different so students have to decide which things are most similar.

Send me any special ideas you may have and I'll share them here with my readers.

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