Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Preschool Games Free - Indoor Volleyball

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I hope that you are all enjoying the Olympic Games! This is such a special event with all countries and athletes coming together to play their favorite sports with one another. I will be sharing preschool games free here on my blog the next couple of weeks for all to enjoy.

We all know that sports and being active are good for everyone. Here is an idea that Karen, one of subscribers, sent to me for an INDOOR VOLLEYBALL game. I like it because it is foolproof and everyone gets the chance to play and show their abilities.

Indoor Volleyball

Indoor volleyball is a great game for fun and exercise.
You will need yarn, balloons and groups of four children. The yarn serves as the volleyball net.
Cut a six to eight foot length of yarn.
Two children are needed to stretch out the yarn across the room; each child holding end taut, chest high.
Tie inflated balloon with yarn cut 2-3 foot length. Tie end of yarn near the middle of volleyball net yarn.
Balloon is now hanging from net yarn for two other children to bat or volley back and forth using a three minute timer. When time is done switch end holders and players. Doesn't matter if balloon is hit over or under the net yarn...balloons stay in the playing area!

Have fun!

Thanks again Karen for sending this in to share. Send me your ideas and I'll pass them along here in my blog.

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Young Yoga Masters said...

Yes - I love the Olympics theme and it is great for introducing yoga poses in circles too!

We did a circle relay race using a popsicle stick then some Archer pose and standing broad jump in our yoga class with the pre-schoolers. We talked about teamwork, practicing, and not giving up.

It was fun to hear how much they were actually watching the Games at home.