Sunday, January 13, 2008

Preschool Creative Activities - Trip to the Moon


Most people think of art class when they hear of preschool creative activities. Teaching preschool science ideas will change your mind and show you just how creative science lessons can be.

You can use these lessons to teach the letter "M", continue with a Moon theme to teach the sound of the letter, and to follow it through with the solar system theme discussed in the previous blog post.

Here are ideas that have been sent to me by my readers as well as some ideas from my preschool lesson plans.

From Carol - Moon Walk
Here's an idea I used when I taught a unit about "Astronauts" and the Moon. I filled the sand and water table with flour, had the children take their shoes off and walk through the flour, simulating how it felt when the astronauts were walking on the moon.

From Theresa - Rocketships
We are doing the letter M and taking a trip to the moon. I have made a large Rocket out of cardboard and corrugated cardboard so it is large enough for the children to sit in I have read them the story Man on the Moon by Anastasia Suen. For snack we ate English Muffins and talked about the holes look like the craters on the moon. We ran our weeks together and started the letter R for rocket and moon rocks we made rockets out of paper towel and collected rocks pretending to be discovering the moon.

Moon Landscape
Talk to your students about what the surface of the moon looks like. Most students will not know that the moon has craters, mountains, and valleys, just like the earth. It is a different size and composition, but the basics are the same.

Snack Suggestion
The idea for toasted English Muffins and the comparison to the craters on the moon is wonerful. Preschoolers really like the visual comparisons and the snack is great!

Try these out and let me know if you have more to add!

Have a great day!


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