Saturday, January 26, 2008

Preschool Craft Ideas - Valentine Flowers


Hope you are having a good weekend so far.

I am busy going through my archives of preschool craft ideas for Valentine's to share with you.

It is never too early to get started with projects for gifts or ideas for parties!

I do have a favorite idea that was actually something my children made for me and I was able to use them year after year.

Valentine Flowers

Need: juice can
red foil, paper, lace or ribbon
Green Pipe cleaners
Many paper hearts, cut the same size in red, pink and white

First let your child cover his can with the paper or foil he chooses. Glue a band of ribbon or lace to the top edge. This is the Vase!

Next, give each child at least 10 hearts and 5 pipe cleaners. Glue a pipe cleaner on one of the hearts at the point of the V then glue the other heart on top so that the pipe cleaner is in between the hearts. This will be your flower and stem. Do this with the remaining hearts. 5 flowers is plenty but if you can, more is even better.

Scrunch up some paper, foil, packing peanuts (whatever you may have on hand to act as filler) and put it into the vase to hold the flowers in place. Arrange the valentine flowers in it and they have a Valentine Centerpiece or bouquet to give to a special person.

This is something that I was able to use a centerpiece at home and then put away in the cabinet until the next year. They were always amazed to see their special gift year after year.

Let me know how you like the ideas and also send me yours to share on the blog.

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Christy said...

do you have ideas for a special education preschool group for the last week of january
i've already done activities about penguins, polar bears, winter clothes, winter in general. I'm actually a speech pathologist but going into the special education preschool classes and do a general group time. the attention span is VERY limited and i like to try to coordinate a craft about the activity. I know i can do valentine activities starting in feb. but i'm needing something for next week. I have several nonverbal children, but all are able to do something with help.i stay in each class for a total of 30 minutes 2 days a week. so i can break up a lesson or teach 2 different lessons. i love bringing in new things for them to see and touch. Any ideas would be greatly appreciate. I'm enjoying looking at your site. This is the first time i've found it but have found lots of good ideas.