Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Preschool Lesson Plans - Memory Game

This one is always fun and stimulates lots of participation while teaching observation and memory skills.

Need - winter hats, scarfs, gloves, mittens, boots

Game - Chose one child to be a SNOWMAN. This child will chose the items he wants to wear as a snowman while the other children hide their eyes. Next, have the children look at their snowman, then close their eyes again. This time the snowman changes somthing he is wearing and ask the others to point out what has changed. (The more things the snowman wears the harder the game so you can adapt this to whatever skill or age level you have.)

Options - This can be done with any dress-up clothes such as a fancy outfit and changing shoes or necklaces or for uniforms like a fireman and adding or taking away different items.

Lots of fun for indoor play!

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Anonymous said...

Excellent idea for an indoor activity!

Anonymous said...

i love it the kids get excited when they play

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