Monday, February 5, 2007

Marshmallows - Marshmallow Igloo

Here's a really fun way to hold kids interest and even the youngest can follow the steps to instant success.

Marshmallow igloos--

Need -
1/2 of an apple or an orange
mini marshmallows
White frosting or marshmallow fluff
large pretzel rods broken into shorter pieces
paper plates
plastic knives or spoons
aprons or smocks

Line a table with newspaper or disposable table cloth.
1. Give each child a plate and piece of fruit.
2. Have them spread the apple or orange entirely with the frosting or fluff.
3. Tell them to start at the bottom (at the plate) and start covering the fruit with the marshmallows until the entire fruit is covered.
4. You could add a pretend chimney using the pretzel rod pieces.
5. Let them enjoy their masterpiece to eat, admire or take home for a surprise.

Marshmallows are such fun things to use with kitchen crafts and preschoolers. They guarantee success.

Send me any ideas you have tried using marshmallows--even the tried and true snowmen!

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