Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Preschool Halloween Craft - Footprint Ghosts

October means fall and Halloween for most preschoolers. To corral this excitement try this preschool Halloween craft with them.

These make fun classroom decorations as well.

Footprint Ghosts
I only do this with 2 children at a time during center time.

Have children take off one shoe and sock. One child sits in the chair and the other child paints the bottom of that child's foot with white paint.

When the bottom of the foot is covered, have the child stamp is foot down on a piece of black construction paper. Have a tub of warm soapy water nearby and a towel for the child to wash his/her foot off. Then the children switch.

When the pictures dry, I let the children put two stickers on for eyes (or holes punched from a hole puncher or googly eyes). The heel part of the footprint is the ghost's head.

It's really cute and it's such an unusual art project that my kids remember it for the whole year!

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