Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Activities for Preschoolers - POWER TOOLS

What a treat to receive this idea for activities for preschoolers. I couldn't wait to share this with everyone. This idea hits math, science, teamwork, communication, motor skills you name it! The key is safety!

This can fill days and weeks with ideas for your preschoolers.

Find someone who is knowledgeable with power tools, cordless screw guns, sanders, hammers, screw drivers, sand paper, router, saws all types, any power tools you can come up with. Maybe a parent or friend would volunteer for this.

I know this sounds scary but our kiddos really enjoyed it. Of course we took all the safety precautions!

We first went to a construction site for a field trip. We were able to watch as they had trusses set on a roof by a crane.(We were in a lot across from the job site) sketch pads were in hand. They drew pictures of what they saw.

They heard all the power tools, and the men scrambling around. We talked about safety and why they wore hard hats, why some of them had ropes attached to them how they communicated and worked as a team. It was great.

Some of the crew came over on their break and answered some questions for us. They showed us their tool belt and some of their tools.

The next day we had a display up of all types of power tools. The children watched a demonstration of how all of them worked. Then they were given boards with screws, or nails and were able to test out what was faster and easier, screw gun vs screwdriver, hammer the nails, (we did not have them us a nail gun but watched again how fast they were). We did let them us a belt sander vs sand paper. We had small hand saws they tried and then watched all the other saws cut. Tape measures, yard sticks, rulers. Flat edges, squares and angles.

The class kept this project going for about 4 weeks. We drew plans and made a stage to sing on. We used boxes and made houses, then painted them. They loved using the power tools on just throw away lumber the construction crew gave us. (They throw away a lot!)

We glued tile down for flooring in a refrigerator box. There are so many ideas that come from this project.

BEST OF ALL-let the kids lead the way. Some of the kids were more interested in the drawings and painting. Some were more interested in using the tools.

Work with a local contractor. Let the contractor know that this is also a great lead for them! Put an article in the local paper. It will advertise for you and the contractor! Don't forget to thank them! We baked cookies and took them to the job site for their snack.

You can modify this idea for one that suits your area. Try visiting a working farm, post office, grocery store, etc. Use this for real hands-on learning. Nothing better than this!

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Anonymous said...

My preschoolers have built furniture for our classroom doll house. I purchased 8 inch hammers (instead of the usual 12 inch heavier ones). They sanded each piece - preplanned and cut by my loving husband - and then hammered them together before painting them. We have also built planter boxes and geo boards.

Wendy, Vermont

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