Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Preschool Science Activities - Science, Recycling and Wind Chimes

If you're looking for ideas for preschool science activities, try this fantastic idea.

Science activities get your preschoolers directly involved and my philosophy is having them learn by doing!

This activity gets the children directly involved, teaches creative ways to recycle old items around the house or classroom and teaches about air and its properties. One of my readers sent in this idea to share.

Wind Chimes
I do a science unit on air and its properties. One of the projects in this unit is a wind chime. Have each child gather some items from home (inside and out) with which to create their very own wind chime. I send an explanatory note home to the parents as well as a few suggestions to get them started.

I am going to use plastic lids from food containers (oleo, coffee, sour cream, etc.) so before the day of construction, I will punch several holes through the lids using a hammer and nail and then thread the string through them, attaching them all at the top with a loop.

The children will then help me tie each item to a string. As with store-bought wind chimes, there needs a striker item hanging in the middle. A large metal washer works nicely. My students love this activity and we hang them from our classroom ceiling for all to enjoy for a time. This is also a good project during which to talk about reducing, reusing and recycling materials with the children.

Thanks for sending this idea to share.

Keep your ideas coming in and I'll share them here for all.

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