Sunday, May 2, 2010

Preschool Activities for Cinco de Mayo

This is a fun week to teach your preschoolers about another culture. Use the following preschool activities for Cinco de Mayo for their fun celebrations!

I like to begin by showing my students where Mexico is? Bring out a globe and
show the children where you live and where Mexico is. Discuss how long it
might take to get there by car and then by plane.

This holiday is more of a celebration of Mexican culture, food, music and
beverage unique to Mexico. Cinco De Mayo is a great way to expose
preschoolers to the Mexican culture.

These preschool activities for Cinco de Mayo are for all the centers of the classroom.

Counting in Spanish

Talk with the children about Spanish, explaining that it is the language
spoken in Mexico. Have children try to count in Spanish with your help. You
may wish to make a chart. (Some of your children may already be familiar
with the language especially if they have watched Sesame Street!)

Counting from 1-10 in Spanish.
1. uno (oo-no)
2. dos (doss)
3. tres (trace)
4. cuatro (kwah-tro)
5. cinco (seen-ko)
6. seis (say-ees)
7. siete (see-ay-tay)
8. ocho (oh-cho)
9. nueve (nuay-vay)
10. diez (dee-ace)

Jumping-Bean Jumping

Play music let the children jump like jumping beans, when the music stops
they must freeze in the postion they were in. When the music starts again the
they all jump again. Good for listening skills and gross motor skills.

Have the children make maracas. There are many different ways to do this but
the following is one of the easiest for all ages to do.
Take beans and place between two plates. Staple the plates together. Glue a
craft stick to one side. Allow the kids to paint or decorate the plates how
they like. Put on the music and have them parade or dance throughout the

Bean Bag Toss
Need: Bean bags and sombrero.

Toss beanbags into a sombrero and lots of fun! You can teach color
recognition, counting by telling them how many bean bags they get to throw
and/or counting how many make into the hat and how many did not.

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