Thursday, April 15, 2010

Preschool Name Recognition Theme - Puzzles and Placemats

Watching a child's face as he/she learns to recognize their own name is joy! Here are ideas I use for preschool name recognition theme in my classes.

These ideas allow for visual and fine motor skills for your preschoolers to learn to know their names.

Whiteboard Name Puzzle
I print my preschool students name in large font on magnetic paper with a photo of them. Next I cut it into a few pieces and lay it out on the whiteboard so they have their own personal jigsaw puzzle that helps with name recognition.

Personalized Placemat
I send home a paper placemat with the child's name written on the top. Parents work with children looking through magazines & ads, to cut and glue their favorite foods or just draw them on the mat. When they are returned, we laminate the placemats and each child uses his/her during meals/snacks. This works great with name recognition for everyone and while we're waiting for our lunch, we trace our names with our finger!

Preschool Zoo
something I like to do for my children when we are doing a Zoo, or even a jungle theme, is to cut out picures of the children's faces and glue them into animals - the children love to find themselves on the wall and the parents love it as well.

The preschool name recognition theme is such an important one in preschool and I hope these ideas works for you. Check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner.

There are Two Editions now for the Preschool Planner: Basic or Platinum.

Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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