Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Preschool Curriculum Ideas - Upside Down Stories

Here are some preschool curriculum ideas that will take any chance of boredom out of your classroom and stimulate your preschoolers imaginations.

You are fully aware how children know their favorite stories by memory and ask that they be read over and over again. WHen they get tired of the story, they stop listening. Here is an idea that will tap into their knowledge base of the story and encourage them to come up with alternative characters or even endings!

Try this suggestion that another reader sent to me. It uses the same concept that I am describing.

When the boredom happens, I tell them that there is really another story in the book too. I turn the book upside down and tell them that there is another story inside it! Then I start narrating the story following the same structure and events as the original one, but changing ,let's say, the characters. An example to help you understand:

Upside Down Stories

Turning upside down the well known story "the 3 little pigs":
Once upon a time there were 3 little wolves living in a small house with their mother. One day the mother wolf gathered them around and said: "There are too many of us living in this small house, dear children. You are all grown up now, so you have to go build your own houses. But I warn you: beware of TIG-SHMIG, THE VICIOUS, EVIL PIG!!!..."
...and so on.

Kids find it very interesting and fascinating and soon they understand how to do it themselves. That way they get better with their speaking skills, expressing thoughts and creating stories!

I hope you had fun with these preschool curriculum ideas. Check out the other ideas in the Preschool Planner for more interactive fun teaching ideas for your preschool.

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