Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Toddler Preschool Lessons - Going on a Bear Hunt

A lot of preschool lessons are geared for three year olds and older. Here are ideas for toddler preschool lessons that were sent to me recently by one of my readers.

I definitely agree that toddler lessons should be physical and exploratory.
Two year olds need to move around, feel, experience and be part of the lesson to learn as much as possible.

Try this variation to do the traditional "Going on a Bear Hunt" with your two year olds and have fun!

Toddler Going on a Bear Hunt--

I like to do physical stuff with my two year olds. We set up for going on a bear hunt. we take blankets and bucther paper making caves, and tunnels, on tables and chairs. cover them.

We use different colors to stress the color that we are working on like we are going thru the blue cave. We turn out the lights and have flash lights. We put out all kinds of stuff animals and plastic animals like tigers, bears, lions and so on. We climb over and under the children love it (great way to teach directions such as OVER and UNDER).

Allow them to help set up and clean up. Make your Snacks or treats like a camp fire, sing songs and just have a grand time.

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