Saturday, June 21, 2008

Preschool Listening Game - Bears Like Honey

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With the end of the school year here in the US I was finding the noise levels in the classroom rising and rising. My efforts to gain control required coming up with some fun preschool listening games.

Thanks to one of my subscribers, Tracy, who sent me the game of "Bears Like Honey"

The kids enjoyed it so much and I want to pass it on to all of you.

Bears Like Honey

A bear listening game I play with my 3 & 4 year olds is called 'Bears Like Honey' and it goes like this...

We all sit in a circle. One child is chosen to be a bear and sits in the center with a musical instrument e.g. sleigh bells (imaginary honey pot).

All the children chant "Isn't it funny how bears like honey, buzz, buzz, buzz. I wonder why he does. Go to sleep Mr. bear, don't peep Mr. Bear." (At this point the child in the center pretends to sleep and a child from the circle pinches the honey pot/bells - and shakes them loudly and hides them behind their back, everyone hides their hands).

We all shout "Wake up Mr. Bear, someone has stolen your honey!" The
child in the center then has to try and remember where they heard the sound
coming from when the bells were shook. They say the name of a child they
think has got it, that child either shows their empty hands or the
instrument. When the culprit is found then it is their turn to be the bear
in the circle.

A really good test of listening skills!

Try this for a special time, circle time or anytime you want to gain attention and teach listening skills to your kids.

Have a great day!


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Young Yoga Masters said...

Thanks for the idea - I've noticed the excitement rising in my yoga classes at schools too.

It's sounds fun - kind of like a "Doggy Doggy who's got your bone" game, but with the listening factor.

I look forward to giving it a try.