Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Lesson Plans for Preschool

I don't want to slight our friend the turkey at this time of year but I am always looking for fresh ideas for Thanksgiving.

Here are a couple of ideas that work together to give a little variety to our traditional arts and crafts.

Wooden Spoon People Thanksgiving

Wooden kitchen spoons, varying sizes
Felt scraps cut into shapes

Give each child a wooden spoon (I try to give them 3 if I can find a good price on them or ask for parents to donate them too)
Have your child glue yarn onto the top of the spoon to make hair and buttons to make the eyes.
They can draw a mouth and nose with markers.
Then use the felt scraps and glue them on for clothes.
Now you are set for the circle time activity below.

Dramatic Play at Circle Time

Have the children use their spoon families in circle time to talk about Thanksgiving.
They can pretend the Spoon family is their own and use them as puppets to talk about how their family will celebrate Thanksgiving. Ask them about the food that they will be eating and whether it is food they like or are willing to try.

Having each child have a turn to share their family traditions teaches your childrent that there are many ways to celebrate a holiday--not just the way their own family does it.

Let the imaginations and conversations lead your day with this activity.



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