Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Preschool Lesson Plans for Spring - Kites


Finally! Spring is at the doorstep and time for more sun, more energy and lively

times outside.

We all need to get out and enjoy ourselves.

I have some fun things to do inside and out--just in case the spring rains keep us in

a day or two.

I'll be sharing these with you over the next few days.

We think of KITES when we think of spring--here are some ideas for kite pictures and kite-making.


Need: Diamond Shape Template, paper,bowtie pasta, glue, markers or crayons

the children trace the diamond shape on their paper. Some may need help
holding the template still. Let them decorate their kite anyway they
would like. Show them how to draw a line from one of the ends of the
kite to look like the tail.

Next, they glue the bowtie pasta on the tail to decorate the tail of the kite.

You could decorate a wall or bulletin board with their creations.

Simple Flying Kite

Need: Plastic grocery bag, yarn, stapler, tissue paper

this "guaranteed" to fly kite by stapling strips of tissue paper on the
bottom end of the grocery bag (try to be sure there are no holes at the
sealed end of the bag). Next tie yarn onto each handle of the bag. Go
outside and let the kids run with their kites. They don't fly high like
a real kite but they are guaranteed to fill and "fly" as the kids run
with them.

Success rate is guaranteed!

Please let me know how you like these ideas and share any new ones you use. I'll pass them on to everyone.

More spring ideas to come.


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