Friday, May 1, 2009

Ocean Preschool Themes - Create a Sea Creature

It isn't necessary to live near the ocean to introduce this other part of our world to your preschoolers. Here are a couple of ideas for ocean preschool themes for you to use with your kids.

Preschoolers are fascinated about the ocean, lakes, rivers--all bodies of water. Use these ideas to begin your week lesson on Under the Sea. Use your circle time to talk about oceans, fresh water and salt water (even offer a "taste" sample) so that they get the idea of different kinds of water.

Sea Life Backdrop-

Bring in an old white sheet for the children to decorate as a large under the sea backdrop. Fill a number of spray bottles with water dyed with food coloring including green, blue and purple. Spray the sheet with the colored water to create a tie-dye underwater effect.

Use this backdrop for the next project!


Have the children use their imaginations to invent a sea create out of construction paper, markers, paint, and other supplies from the craft supply closet. Once all the sea creatures are finished, tape them to the backdrop and have each child give their creature a name and introduce it to the class.

These ideas are no fail, imaginative ideas for all ages from two year olds on up. Have fun with these, add your own ideas and best of all add your children's ideas and watch the fun.


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