Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Preschool Dramatic Play Activities - Indoor Pond

These are preschool dramatic play activities that can provide days of activities for your preschoolers.

Imagination and play are key to learning with this age group. Involve the kids with the construction and then participation in the following idea. I got this idea from one of my parent helpers years ago and have used it every year since then.

Indoor Pond

Need: blue paper or blue fabric, various size boxes, brown paper, black paint, pictures of ducks, empty cans, pictures of fish or fish patterns to color, and lots of imagination.

Make a pond in dramatic play. First put down a sheet of blue paper or fabric. Have the children make rocks to go around it by covering boxes with paper bag paper and sponge painting them black.

They can also make fish to put in the pond and add magnets to them and the children can fish for them using poles attached to magnets on a string. Attach the pictures of the ducks to empty cans that have been covered with green paper.

Activities: Feed the Ducks: give the children pieces of crumpled paper to (pretend bread) into the coffee cans.

Science activity: have various size magnets and have the children predict and experiment to see which one is the strongest to put on their fish or which one can move the ducks!

Other ideas: counting, color recognition, motor skills.

I hope you have fun with this idea.

Send me your ideas and I'll post them here for all of us to share.


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