Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool Children - Taking Turns

Working with preschool children requires compassion, creativity and ability to help them learn social skills. One of the more difficult things for young children to learn is HOW TO TAKE TURNS.

Try using your circle time to start a discussion on just how hard this can be. Perhaps you have a new toy for the classroom. Use this as your introduction for the toy and how everyone will get a chance to play with it.

Questions for circle time could include: What does taking turns mean?, Why do we need to take turns? and How do we decide when it is time for someone else to have a turn? Take notes on their answers and write them on the board.

Next, let the children decide how to do the following:

* determine the order in which each child gets a turn
* decide the length of each turn (perhaps counting, or playing a song)
* other things to do while waiting a turn

Last and definitely not least is to ask them how they feel when they have to wait. Ask their help in providing alternative things to do while waiting to make this easier for them.

Suggestions could be: looking at a picture book, playing with clay or play dough, or even building with blocks.

Taking turns is something we all have to do throughout life. What better time to start teaching this skill than in preschool? I believe providing them with a foundation is one of the most important jobs we have as preschool educators.

Send me your ideas and tips and I will share them here for all.

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alexandra28 said...

The problem I have is my preschoolers taking turns on my lap especially when we read. I am new with them and they are very affectionate with me; but everyone wants first turn and I end up saying no one on my lap because they won't take turns which is a shame.