Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Preschool Shape Activities - Circle Time and Snack Time

These are a couple of my favorite preschool shape activities that I have used for years. The children love playing the game of "I Spy". It is always fun to see how they see their world and how they interpret the shapes of things in their surroundings. They have a fresh approach and it never fails to surprise me.

Children also love the opportunity to be chefs and to prepare their own snacks. Provide them with the necessary ingredients--all cut in the different shapes that they will learn--and let them create their own snack!

Circle Time-
To begin, have sample shapes of a circle, square and triangle. Show these to your preschoolers; explain the special qualities of each and then make one observation of your own from the classroom of each shape. Next begin playing “I Spy” where you ask them to find a particular shape. One at a time let them secretly pick something that’s a square (or other shape) and let the others try to guess what it is. This serves as an introduction to the concepts of the square, circle and triangle.

Snack Time- Shape House
1- Give each child a piece of bread (square) for the base of the house. Next, give them a slice of cheese cut diagonally to form a triangle for the roof.
2- Next, give the children a piece of lunch meat, and have them roll it up into a tube for the door. Finally, give each child two circular pickles for windows, and have them assemble the pieces to form a cute and edible house.

Providing hands on ways to learn and connecting concepts with everyday life and their environments are my favorite ways of teaching preschoolers.

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