Friday, May 22, 2009

Preschool Recycling Curriculum - Nature Walk and "R" Collage

It is never too early to begin teaching our children that we need to protect our earth. I introduce preschool recycling curriculum ideas throughout the year.

Preschoolers love to feel empowered and showing them how they can make a difference in their own world is a perfect place to start. Whenever you can, take time to go outside to observe the environment. Ask your kids to be detectives and point out all the details that they see. Next ask if what they notice is good or do they see trash or something that needs improvement. This leads us to the Nature Walk below.

Craft- Nature Walk and Collage

Materials- nature materials gathered on walk, paper bags, glue, scissors, paper

1- A major part of this unit was exploring the world we live in and how we affect nature and it affects us. Take a nature walk around the neighborhood and observe the different things that are growing in different places. Give each child a paper bag and encourage them to collect things for a nature collage.

2- Once the walk is finished, return to the classroom and give each child a piece of construction paper for their nature collage. Use glue to stick the collected items to the construction paper.

"R" for Recycling Poster Collage

3 R’s poster collage (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)- Give each child a piece of paper with a giant letter ‘R’ on it.(I prefer to make the bubble letter so that they can use the inside of the letter as well as the outline.)

Instruct the children to paint the exterior of the ‘R’ with colored paint. Decorate the ‘R’ with recyclable and reused materials like newspaper, magazines, junk mail, and old scraps of T-shirts. Also add materials from outside like pinecones and grass to simulate the environment that we are working to save.

Have fun with these ideas and please continue to send me more or to leave a comment.


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