Friday, May 8, 2009

Preschool Themes - What's Inside

One of my favorite preschool themes is taking the idea of "what's inside" and looking at everyday objects. This helps children learn about their world and to develop healthy curiosity.

This is an excellent way to "reuse or re-purpose" even the broken items in your classroom. Everything has multiple uses and this is another one of my "green" ideas to use everything as a learning opportunity.

This is something that is perfect for circle time. I must add that caution must be used and depending on the object you take apart. If there are small parts, the teacher will handle them.

What's Inside

Need: something that can be taken apart (flashlight, battery-operated toy, old clock, radio that no longer works, etc.), Screw Driver

See if you have something in your classroom or home that no longer works. Show the children that you are going to look inside to see how it is made and to see what is inside.

Some of them may be able to take out screws, depending on age and ability. Next see if you can put it back together--with their help and guidance remembering how it came apart! Children find this fascinating and it holds their attention.

Depending on the object and/or the age of your preschoolers, you might be able to leave the toy or object with the screw driver in an activity center and let them try to do this on their own or in small groups. Use your imagination as well as safety discretion.

Have fun with this and enjoy the month!


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