Friday, May 15, 2009

Preschool Math Activities - Number Match Up Game

These are preschool math activities that can be done over a couple of days or all in one day and in different stations.

The children are making their own set of match up cards, using their skills of counting, matching numbers you may give them if they are not able to count up to 10 yet, counting out stickers and pictures.

I like to introduce this in Circle time and then move on to make the cards and to play. You can make this into a game for individuals or make a class game or partner game depending on ages and skill levels.

Number Match Up Game

Give each student 2 sets of 10 index cards.
Write the numbers 1-10 on the board for all to see and say them with the class. Have them take one set of cards and write one number on each card.

**If they are not yet able to write the number, have stickers or stamps available with the numbers and they can select the correct number and put that on the card.

Next take the second set of cards and have them put one picture sticker on one card, two on the next card, and so on until they get to a card with 10 pictures or stickers on it.

Preschoolers can then play their own matching game by placing the cards face down, (4 rows of 5 each is easiest), then turn over two cards. If the card with pictures matches the corresponding number, they keep them and try to match all the pairs of pictures and numbers.

Have fun with this and enjoy the game! Learning by doing is the best way to teach numbers concepts and making it fun is the best.


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