Monday, May 4, 2009

Preschool Crafts for Mothers Day

Are you searching for special preschool crafts for Mothers Day? It's May 10th here in the US and I have had many requests.

I have been flooded with creative ideas from my readers worldwide and wanted to share these two simple, inexpensive ideas for you to try.

May I Tag Along

Great Mothers Day and or Fathers Day gift idea that I have done. I actually thought of this one myself :)
Cut poster board into a "tag" design (like you would for luggage).
On one side write "May I TAG along", on the other side glue a picture of the child. Punch a hole at the top and put ribbon through. Parents loved it!

Handprint Flower

Trace handprints on desired color of construction paper for the flower.
Cut handprints out
Wrap bottom of cut handprint around a green straw and tape securely so that fingers of cut handprint form the flower petals.
Cut a leaf out of green paper and wrap around middle of straw and secure with tape.
Can make a bundle of flowers and decorate small empty can with brown paper and stamps/stickers/etc and ribbon and fill with flowers & green Easter grass for a Mother’s day gift.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. They are simple, fun and your preschoolers will love them. Send me any ideas you wish to share and I will publish them for all to use.



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