Monday, April 27, 2009

Summer Preschool Activities - Bubbles and Water Play

Here in the US the weather is better and better every day for taking your preschoolers outside. Here are a couple of summer preschool activities to try with your children.

These preschool ideas are good for all ages from the youngest on up.

Water Play...

Purchase the restaurant style ketchup and mustard squeeze bottles with water. Let your preschoolers use these to make designs, draw a letter of the day on the sidewalk or "clean the walls" or toys with their squirt bottles. YOu can ask them to make a certain number of dots on the ground, spray a set number of items, and use this in so many ways with your theme of the day.


Most children love bubbles! Use this formula for a safe way to have fun, chase bubbles and try to catch them.

1 part water 2 parts tearless baby shampoo. They make great bubbles and it is easier on the children's eyes.

I hope you enjoy these ideas. They are simple, fun and your preschoolers will love them.


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