Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer Preschool Themes - 4th Of July Fun!

It is almost July and here in the States, that means 4th of July celebrations for sure. I want to share these summer preschool themes from the lesson plans with you.

Even better,these can be used for ANY TIME in the year and for ANY COUNTRY whenever fireworks are used for celebrations.

Dramatic play with preschoolers set the stage for them to use their imaginations and to learn how others experience the same events. Top it off with a fun snack that is part of the drama!

Dramatic Play: Fireworks
Ask students about their experiences with fireworks.
Then, let them pretend to set off fireworks and make all the
explosion noises that go along with them. They can pretend
to set off giant or tiny ones, whatever they want,
but everyone can get into the spirit and
wave imaginary sparklers around.

Pretzel Sparklers

Give students long pretzel rods.
Have them come forward and dip the top section in melted
white chocolate or white frosting.
Then, have them dip them into red sugar crystals
or sprinkles or other candies on top.
They can wait until the chocolate is dry to eat
or they can eat right away.

If you like these summer preschool themes, you'll love the 289 pages
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Mommy4Christ said...

I appreciate the fireworks activity! My preschooler has been asking for fireworks over and over the past few weeks. It's too cold where we are, so maybe this activity will satisfy him until the Christmas lights go up. :) Thanks!