Monday, June 22, 2009

Preschool Shape Activities - Games and Skills

Teaching your preschoolers to recognize and know their shapes is a fundamental goal when teaching preschool. Involve your kids in preschool shape activities, games and pattern recognition and you will find them learning these quickly and having fun with each other simultaneously.

You’ll need several cutouts of the 4 shapes they have learned. Give each child a shape to hold. Call out directions using the shape names such as “anyone holding a square touch your toes”. This is easy to do for all ages and the directions can be made easier or more difficult to fit your class.

Shape Throw
take a piece of poster board and divide it into nine sections- circle, square, triangle, rectangle, octagon, heart, star, diamond, oval. Place a picture of each shape on each corresponding section. Have each child throw a beanbag at the board, and name the shape that the beanbag lands on, or call out the name of a shape and have the child try and throw the beanbag at that particular shape.

Reasoning Skills
Ask the children if they can think of how to make a rectangle from two other shapes (two squares). Ask if they can make any other shapes by putting two or more shapes together (two triangles makes a diamond, one triangle and one rectangle makes an arrow, etc). Use building blocks to help reinforce their concept.

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