Friday, June 5, 2009

Preschool Time Activities - What Comes Next?

Teaching preschoolers the concepts of time is fun. I find that coming up with preschool time activities is fun and challenging. Progression of time is related to numbers and is difficult for preschoolers to grasp.

Here is an activity that helps them put the concepts in terms they understand and makes it relevant to them in a way that directly impacts their day to day lives.

Time and What Comes Next?

Give the children some magazines and have them find pictures of everyday tasks such as someone getting dressed, eating breakfast, having dinner, riding a bus, going to work, shopping, going to bed, etc.

Then take the pictures they have found see if they can put them in correct order for when they take place during the day. Talk about the time it takes to do these things.

Ask such questions as “what do you do after you get dressed in the morning?, what comes after dinner?, what comes first your bath or bedtime? Letting them see the activities helps them to understand how to track the passage of time.

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