Friday, June 12, 2009

Dinosaur Activities for Preschool - Hunts and Fossils

One of the more popular themes with preschoolers is the dinosaur. Give these dinosaur activities for preschool a try. These were sent to me by one of my readers. Keep the ideas coming!

The summer weather is perfect for an outside dinosaur hunt. Head outside before the children arrive and you'll have a fun activity for all. You can do this inside as well just hiding them in the sand table or around the classroom. You can teach spatial concepts such as giving clues using the words--over, under, next to, right, left, etc. Use the found treasures to count, sort, note differences and similarities. The possibilities for teaching opportunities are endless!

Dinosaur Hunt
Here is a way of going on a Dinosaur Hun--hide little plastic dinos outside in our play area, where there is grass and gravel. Then the children take out whatever they think they need to find a dino. (shovels, brushes, magnifying glasses, buckets). They really have fun with this activity.

Science: Clay Dough or Plaster of Pairs Fossils

Many fossils were created by an animal or vegetation making an imprint on damp soil. This soil then hardened over time. Using a clay type dough children press objects (use shells & rocks) firmly into the dough on a small paper plate. Or we fill fossil molds with a bit of damp sand, and then press clay into the mold. Carefully press out the fossil for our class displays.

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