Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Preschool Transition Activities - Songs and Games

Change is often difficult for all ages and toddlers can find it very stressful. The goal with these preschool transition activities is to make it fun and not totally unexpected.

All of these can be “signals” for them that things are going to be changing and they can help.

Have a special song which you use when it is time
to put things away and start a new project or activity.
Start playing this song and the children recognize the song
and know they need to complete what they are doing and
put things away before the song ends. Competition adds an
element of fun and eases the stress.

Tell them that you are going to play Beat the Timer. Set the timer for a certain number of minutes (5 is good for toddlers) and tell them they have need to put things back where they belong before the timer rings. Fun and quick transition. Making the transition a game is a wonderful segway to the transition.

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