Friday, June 19, 2009

Preschool Indoor Activities - Maze Obstacle Course

Planning preschool indoor activities are so vital for all seasons. This spring we have had more rain than I can ever remember and of course winter provides another reason to have these ideas at our fingertips.

Cabin fever in any season is real for all ages but especially preschoolers. Here is an idea for an indoor activity that will
use up some energy and be fun for all.

We all get cabin fever and need to move around.
My 2-3 year olds love my obstacle courses. I use crawling tubes,
large balls, exercise mats, mini-tents ( made out of balnkets over
tables) and arrange a path for everyone to follow.

A lot of the fun is in the building of the course itself. Ask for
suggestions from the kids and let them help so long as it is safe.

There are two options after completing the obstacle course. One idea for those "high spirited" days when you need to help them use up just a little more energy, have them try to go through the course backwards. Lots of fun and the giggles are great, (just be sure to spot them well so no one gets hurt).

Or, the second option is to have the course lead to the reading circle where they are now ready to sit, relax on a pillow and hear a story.

They love having a say in their maze of fun! I'd love to hear how your kids arrange their courses. Send me an email or photo and I'll post them here for all to share.

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