Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Community Helpers Theme for Preschool - Our Town

This is a group project for community helpers theme for preschool that often goes beyond one week. Since this is so much fun and uses all the skills we are trying to teach the children, that time limits are not a problem.


During this week on community helpers we pretend to be many things.
Day 1: we are architects and we draw up our plans for the play house.
Day 2: I bring in a large box and they pretend to be builders and build themselves a playhouse. We have on construction hats and they had a blast.
Day 3: They are painters. We put on painting clothes and hats and paint the playhouse.
Day 4: We pretend we are postal workers and write letters to each other then deliver them as though we are letter carriers.
Day 5: We go for a walk around our town. We take a community book with us and search for bankers, postal workers, shoe store workers, waiters, etc.

Continue this theme and use the setting next week to have circle times to learn colors, shapes, counting & number skills at the "stores", library time, etc. Use your imagination and be sure to ask your preschoolers for suggestions!

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