Monday, March 9, 2009

Toddler Activity Ideas - Let's Pretend

Are you trying to come up with toddler activity ideas for the younger children in your class? Imagination is the key element with all of these and we all need to be encouraged to draw on this resource!

Try the ideas below and you'll find that all of your preschoolers will enjoy these and learn from them no matter what their age may be.

Let's Pretend

The teacher names the theme, gives an activity, and then teaches concepts or following directions about that activity.

Here are suggestions to start and you can add whatever you wish to your list:

Theme Pretend Activity Directions/Concepts

Children -> Getting Dressed-> Name Body Parts
Hiking-> Marching/walking-> Slow, fast, climb
Tricycles/bicycles-> Moving on a path/road-> Stop, go, slow, follow
Grocery Shopping-> Pretend to go shopping-> In, out, reach, up, down
Nature Walk-> Pretend to go on walk-> Name colors,trees, flowers,
Meal times-> Name the meal-> Name items we eat then
Clean House-> Pick the room-> clean, dirty, messy

I hope you get the idea here. This is such an easy activity to do with your children and there is no end to the ideas you can use. Just take a topic from every day life and then have them imagine and think about how they do these things. Use the terms they need to know and understand and you will find they may have some unique suggestions of their own to add to the class!

Fun for any age of preschooler from the youngest to the oldest.

Have fun with this and enjoy the new month!


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