Sunday, March 15, 2009

Preschool St Patricks Day Ideas - History and Leprechaun Hunt

If you're looking for preschool St. Patricks Day ideas, check out the ones below. These are ones I've used for years and everyone always has fun.

My kids always enjoy celebrating holidays. My own preference is to explain the history of the holiday and how we come to celebrate it the way we do.

Try these preschool St. Patrick's day ideas with your preschool class or preschoolers.


Explain to your child that it is customary to wear something green on St. Patrick's Day. Let them choose a green article of clothing to put on for the holiday. Or tie a green ribbon or piece of yarn around their wrist. If you go out for a walk, encourage them to look for green items others are wearing in honor of St. Patrick.

Tell the children that there are many stories about the magical little characters called leprechauns. Legends state that they are hard to spy and very hard to catch. But if you should catch a leprechaun, the theory is, he will have to show you where his pot of gold is buried. Ask your class to tell you some ways they might try to catch a leprechaun if they spot one.


In the morning, everyone arrives to find strange little green footprints on the floor! Then...the teacher's chair (or reading circle chair) is missing! But wait...a clue in here, a Leprechaun story book." The children love trying to find the Leprechaun and the chair so that they can have story time.


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