Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preschool Themes - Music and Body Awareness

Two preschool themes that go hand in hand with preschoolers is music and body awareness.

You can use music to teach them music from around the world. They love these songs and the motions that go with them.

You can teach set movements to songs or simply allow them to feel the beat of the music and move in their own way. Use this as an opportunity to look at a globe of the world, show them where the song is from, and talk about the country and culture.

Music Day --Music of the World

Explore Music from other countries: London Bridge (England), Day-O (Jamacia), Did You Ever See a Lassie? (Scotland), I Am a Pretty Little Dutch Girl (Holland), Waltzing Matilda (Australia), Kum Ba Yah (Africa), Frere Jacques (France), the list can go on.

Following Instructions

Take any household object and place it under a chair or on a table. Ask your child to close his eyes and then ask him to find the object. Make him learn the concept of under, over, on, beside, etc. Explain verbally where the object is such as "under a chair" and see if they can follow your instructions.

Have fun with these ideas and please continue to send me more or to leave a comment.


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