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Preschool Curriculum Activities - April Fool's Day Fun

What better way to celebrate a new month than with preschool curriculum activities for April Fool's Day! The basic idea is to have fun, play jokes, and laugh.

Try the ideas below and enjoy yourself and let your preschoolers have pleasant fun. Preschoolers love this day and tricking their friends and parents.

For preschoolers, "Knock, knock" jokes are a favorite. Here is a joke I have used for years and as simple as it is, the kids enjoy it:

APRIL FOOL Question:

Q: Why are people so tired on April 1st?
A: Because they just finished a 31-day March

Silly Pictures

Find pictures from magazines, old books, (even draw your own) that are familiar to your children in everyday life.

Next cut out a section of the picture which makes it look silly or "wrong" such as gluing it upside down, cutting a wheel off of a bicycle or car, gluing flowers upside down in a flower pot. etc. Make as many silly pictures as you can.

Use Circle Time to show them the pictures and ask what is wrong with them. The kids love this. You can make some easier than others so that even the youngest will be able to participate!

April Fool's Snack:


Graham crackers (sand)
Chocolate sprinkles( resemble ants)
Raisins (resemble beetles)
Red Hots (resemble lady bugs)
Oyster crackers (resemble spider eggs)

Place graham crackers in a plastic sandwich bag and crush with a
rolling pin. Use these individual plastic bags or small cups and put the crumbled graham crackers in them. Then put one of the ingredients above to make the bugs, then seal the bag or cover the cup. Give these to the kids to take outside and eat or let them pour it into a small bowl and eat at the table--using their fingers, of course.

Ask for their ideas of what the bugs are that are in the sand. Give hints and have fun. You can serve juice that is colored green and call it Bug Juice!

For a fun April Fool's Snack, try these "Fooled Ya French Fries". I saw this recipe at the link below:

My kids loved this and had so much fun being "tricked"!

If you like these ideas, you'll love the other ideas in the Preschool Planner.

Check them out:

There are Two Editions now for the Preschool Planner: Basic or Platinum.

If you prefer lessons which have ideas for the Toddler Age, go here to the second volume of lessons. There is an entire bonus section devoted to TODDLERS.

Send me any ideas you would like to share and I will post them on my Blog.


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